Today we sat down and talked with Sean McCracken about the mortgage process and the items you'll need to get that process started.  Having these items organized and ready to go can remove a lot of stress from the process and insure a quicker and smoother transaction.

Sean: There is a comprehensive list we at Motto Mortgage provide each borrower:

1.      Most recent (1) one month's paystubs

2.      Most recent two years Federal Tax Returns (all/all schedules for all income received)

3.      Most recent two years W2's/1099's AND/OR K-1's for all income received

4.      Most recent two years corporate/partnership tax returns (if applicable/all pages/all schedules)

5.      Most recent 2 months’ bank statements for all asset accounts (all pages-even if blank)

6.      Most recent 2 months’ retirement statements (if applicable for all 401K/IRA/pension)

7.      Copy of mortgage payment statement, tax bill, insurance premium page and HOA statement (if applicable) for all property(s) owned

8.      Copy of driver’s licenses for borrower and co-borrower

9.      Copy of divorce decree/property settlement (if applicable)

10.    Copy of bankruptcy discharge and all schedules (if applicable)

Contact Sean McCracken for any of your mortgage needs – 765-481-5606,